MOONSCAPE is the new design product By Gazebomatic. With its stunning scenographic effect, this state-of-the-art tensile structure will make your events unforgettable. Excellent for obtaining the best scenic result in any event you use it, catering, fashion shows, meetings, company presentations, advertising, hospitality, banqueting, country festivals, etc.
The construction system is very simple, in fact the structure consists simply of galvanized and painted tubes with a diameter of 32 mm and 2.7 mm thick, connected to each other by means of 3-way fittings.
Once the whole structure has been installed, it is sufficient to explain the covering cloth and spread it over the structure by hooking it on the appropriate points.
The cover is PVC 0.46 mm. thickness 600 gr./sq.m. waterproof – protected against UV rays – fireproof.

Measurements achievable:
6.5 / 8/9/10/14/24/26 expressed in meters of diameter

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