3×3 rapid gazebo TOP PROFESSIONAL 45 mm hexagonal section in anti-torsion aluminum, 100% waterproof

Gazebomatic 3×3 mt. with 45 mm pole. hexagonal in ALUMINUM and torsion bars 30×15 sp 2mm.
Fireproof and waterproof 100% GUARANTEED fabric, highly professional in oxford pvc 500 d / tex.
Structure completely in anodised aluminum, very resistant with anti-torsion crossings and ABS joints guaranteed for 5 years.
Equipped with storage bag.

Accessories apart: side walls also with door and window.

This highly professional product is used most by: Professionals, sports teams, associations, municipalities, public bodies, private bodies, pro loco, rally, motorbike, camping and others.

Structure Weight: 27.5 Kg
Roof Weight: 6 Kg

The printing of a simple text should be calculated based on the size and colors
Complete digital printing of the 3×3 meter roof costs € 300 + VAT

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